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The Becket Pageant for London is proud to be a partner in Becket 2020.

Becket 2020 is a programme of events and new resources developed by partners from across the UK, to commemorate the triple anniversary of Thomas Becket (900 years since his birth, 850 years since his death, 800 years since the translation to his shrine in Canterbury Cathedral).

Related Events:


The city of Canterbury will be holding a Thomas Becket pageant on 2nd July 2022. Please click the image above for more information.



Museum of London 2020 exhibition on Thomas Becket. Please click here.


Inaugural Becket 2020  Lecture by Professor Caroline Barron OBE  

25 February 2020 at Mercers’ Hall. Please click here


The Archbishop of Canterbury's sermon on the 850th anniversary of Thomas Becket preaching in Southwark. Please click here.

York University and the Centre for Culture and Christianity

New Becket learning resource with CGI reconstruction of Becket's shrine. Please click here.

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